DEWATS for Dar
18 August 2020
WASH’n’soul: World Toilet Day 2021 Event themed ‘Valuing a toilet’
2 December 2021

A new partnership for the Human Righ to clean water and sanitation

From 2021 on, BORDA Zambia together with the support of soulbottles and Viva con Agua will implement the WASH’N’soul-Project in Zambia's capital of Lusaka.

The target group for project implementation are the most vulnerable members of society: 20 schools and communities in Lusaka’s low-income communities located in peri-urban areas of the city.

Sustainability matters

The project focusses on sustainability by providing long-term solutions (infrastructure and behaviour change) and establishing functioning processes and (social) businesses according to the specific needs of a community. All interventions under the project shall be in line with national and international development aims (SDGs, 7th National Development Plan, Vision 2030, etc.) and applicable national laws and strategies (Water Supply and Sanitation Act, National Urban and Peri-Urban Sanitation Strategy, Cholera Elimination Plan, Local Government Act, Public Health Act, Solid Waste Regulation and Management Act, etc.).

The WASH’N soul project in its initial 3-year-phase is essentially a learning project comprising of three main components: project preparation, project implementation and knowledge management. Each of the three are vital for the project's success and consist of different elements. The different components are linked with each other through cross-cutting interventions and thereby influence each other.

4 Pillars

The project is based on four main pillars.

Water management
Local systems at beneficiary schools and supply of drinking water to surrounding communities. The smart tap water dispensers from the company Lorentz will be artistically designed and made available for the project.

Waste management
Resource reduction, separation of waste and adequate disposal of waste for beneficiary schools and their surrounding communities are integral parts of the project

Climate protection
The project aims at CO2 emission neutrality. Climate protection measures will include the usage of solar energy, urban gardening initiatives in schools, and biogas plants producing gas for cooking in school canteens.

Social business
Microcredits or micro leasing are promising approaches to which there are already good best practice examples. The promotion of female entrepreneurship has priority in the project.

Together with the german fundraising organisation Viva con Agua and the social business soulbottles, BORDA Zambia is paving the way for new approaches in the WASH-Sector

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