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6 July 2020
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6 July 2020

The BORDA and Kigamboni Training Centers in Dar es Salaam

As a result of rapid population growth and intense urbanisation in Africa, there is a great demand for sanitation services in Africa cities. To provide these services it is essential to create awareness, provide vocational training and enable knowledge exchange on integrated and decentralised basic needs services.

To meet these demands BORDA successfully established two training centers. The first one is the BORDA Training Center (BTC) located at Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam which focuses on capacity development and knowledge exchange among the sector stakeholders. The second one is the Kigamboni Training Center (KTC) located in Tungi –Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam. This center offers the facilities for practical trainings on how to operate and maintain faecal sludge containment, emptying, transportation, treatment and reuse solutions. At both locations demonstration DEWATS enable good understanding of the technical solutions.

The capacity development programs promote knowledge, develop skills and understanding on various dimensions of sanitation with special focus on decentralised wastewater treatment solutions (DEWATS), decentralised solid waste management (DESWAM), city sanitation planning and sustainable community based sanitation.

The training centre’s target groups are community leaders, training institutions, NGOs, LGAs (e.g. Municipalities), public water utilities (e.g. DAWASA), regulators, municipalities, DEWATS owners/operators, private households, and engineering or consulting companies.

Highlights of the activities conducted in 2018 include:

1. Women sanitation training: targeting female community members with different educational backgrounds totalling to over 110 participants

2. Operation and Maintenance (O&M) workshop: targeting 29 DEWATS owners, managers and operators from different Tanzanian regions

3. Three City Knowledge Exchange on FSM & OSS, which included 40 guests from Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania

4. Site visits at KTC with trainees from Municipalities, Institutions and Ministries

Dedicated to creating awareness, spreading knowledge and serving the community BORDA will keep up and extend its capacity development and knowledge exchange program in the upcoming years.

For more information, please email the BORDA Training Centre Team: Anodi Mdindikasi () or Bella Ayugi ()

To help meet rising demand for sanitation services in Africa’s fast-growing cities, BORDA’s training centers create awareness, provide vocational training and enable knowledge exchange on integrated and decentralised basic needs services

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