BORDA in South Africa

Our partnerships are leading the way in piloting innovative solutions in the face of increasing water scarcity

BORDA has been working in South Africa since 2006 to extend the wastewater infrastructure for inhabitants of peri-urban areas. We have projects in new and existing low-income housing developments, informal settlements and schools.

In recent years, water has become a scarce resource in South Africa. This has motivated the community of professionals in the water and sanitation sectors to direct their thinking towards innovative solutions that consume less water and extract resources from used water.

The eThekwini Municipality, responsible for the city of Durban, has become a leader in the piloting of innovative technologies with sustainable prospects. BORDA has worked with the eThekwini Municipality for many years to exchange knowledge and build capacity in the water and sanitation sector, and to advise on innovative technologies and local implementation of decentralized wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS).

In Durban, BORDA's role is to market, network, research, educate and advise on DEWATS and related technologies for wastewater treatment. Collaboration with multiple local partners is a key ingredient, enabling us to carry out our activities as effectively as possible in the local context.

The future for operations in South Africa looks good. There are opportunities for implementation and growth in the water and sanitation sector, and we are positioning ourselves to increase our reach and expand our implementation goals.

On the Ground in South Africa - Our Projects

25 September 2017

DEWATS Trials in Durban, South Africa

At Newlands Mashu Research Site, field-testing DEWATS models in support of eThekwini Municipality’s long-term sanitation strategy

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