Collaboration for Food security
13 February 2021
Identifying the sanitation needs of three municipalities in Bamako
17 February 2021

Self-Assessment Workshop and Field Visit with Partners

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Self-Assessment Workshop and Field Visit with Partners

For effective program management, BORDA Mali organizes self-assessment workshops to follow up on annual action plans and participatory planning with partner NGOs. The workshop took place from 03 to 05 December 2020 in the headquarter of BORDA Mali, focusing on the presentation of annual M&E assessments, planning for the next year and a general review of BMZ procedures. Field visits to exchange experiences with other sector players (IER and OPIB) were a highlight of this year's workshop.

The visit of the IER (Institute of Rural Economy) was a discovery for the BORDA-Mali program team. Innovations in organic agriculture adapted to the effects of climate change, processing and valorization of local products were exposed by IER researchers.

The training covered topics such as personal and environmental hygiene, case management, identification of roles and responsibilities of various actors in schools with regards to COVID-19 guidelines, and developing emergency response plans and general information on COVID-19. Daily monitoring, conducted with a WASH checklist that has been developed to help schools adhere to the guidelines of COVID-19, extends the training into school operations.

After the IER visit, the team went to Banguinéda located to 30 km East of Bamako, to visit the Office of irrigated perimeters of Banguinéda (OPIB) to exchange experiences in rice growing. OPIB is a state structure in charge of managing the irrigated perimeters of Banguinéda.

We met with OPIB staff, rice farmers and a women's group. The exchanges focused on OPIB's approach, the techniques used, and testimonials concerning composting by a pilot farmer, and techniques for the valorization of rice by women.

Workshop and filed visits to evaluate the progress of the tranisitional aid project took place

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