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24 July 2020
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25 January 2021

Safe Back to School: BORDA Zambia participates in teacher training on COVID-19 response

Training Teachers for Effective COVID-19 Response in Schools

October 2020 – To strengthen COVID-19 response in schools, BORDA Zambia recently supported the training of over 15 Zonal Guidance Teachers under the recently launched Safe Back to School Campaign being implemented as part of Lusaka’s Green School Partnership Programme. BORDA provided technical support in developing training materials as well as facilitation of some sessions.

The objective of this training was to strengthen the capacity of the Zonal Guidance Teachers in implementing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions in schools. To enhance participants’ understanding of COVID-19 guidelines, the sessions also offered an orientation on emerging pandemic-related issues.

The training covered topics such as personal and environmental hygiene, case management, identification of roles and responsibilities of various actors in schools with regards to COVID-19 guidelines, and developing emergency response plans and general information on COVID-19. Daily monitoring, conducted with a WASH checklist that has been developed to help schools adhere to the guidelines of COVID-19, extends the training into school operations.

These teachers are expected to implement the guidelines and share the knowledge in their schools by establishing a COVID-19 response team at both school and zonal level.

The Green School Partnership Programme is a Lusaka City Council-coordinated WASH in Schools programme under the Lusaka Water Security Initiative (LuWSi), supported by GIZ. BORDA Zambia is one of the members of LuWSi participating in various activities under the initiative.

The training aimed to strengthen the capacity of the Zonal Guidance Teachers in implementing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions in schools and to orient them on emerging pandemic-related issues, enhancing their understanding of COVID-19 guidelines

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