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20 July 2020
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9 November 2020

Online Seminar: Circular Sanitation Economy in South Africa

South African Fundamental Shifts for a Circular Sanitation Economy

Online Seminar: 5 August 2020, 09h00 to 10h30
Venue: Zoom Meetings

BORDA South Africa, the Pollution Research Group at UKZN, WISA Anaerobic Sludge Processes Division, and WISA KZN Branch invite you to join us for an informative online seminar about a circular economy in the sanitation sector.

Is a circular sanitation economy realistic in South Africa given the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic?

If you've joined us for previous Sanitation Breakfasts, you've taken part in discussions on innovations in non-sewered sanitation, resource-oriented sanitation and networking with local innovators within the sanitation sector. Join us for an informative online seminar on 5 August 2020 about circular sanitation approaches, current research, and how to bring these concepts to scale.


09h00-09h15 – Welcome

09h15-10h00 – Presentations

  • Dr. Dennis Amoah, Institute for Water and Wastewater Technology, DUT- ‘Health Considerations Associated With Wastewater Reuse’
  • Mr. Samuel Getahun, Pollution Research Group (PRG), UKZN- ‘Circular Economy: Opportunities and Challenges’

10h00-10h20 – Q+A moderated by Ms. Lungi Zuma, eThekwini Municipality, Water and Sanitation Unit

10h20-10h30 – Closing Remarks

We look forward to seeing you in the seminar!

BORDA South Africa, Pollution Research Group, WISA KZN Branch, & WISA Anaerobic Sludge Processes Division

On 5 August 2020 join us for an informative online seminar on circular sanitation approaches, current research, and how to bring these concepts to scale in South Africa (register by 31 July)

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