Self-Assessment Workshop and Field Visit with Partners
15 February 2021
Workshops to track progress and enhance impact of project activities
18 February 2021

Identifying the sanitation needs of three municipalities in Bamako

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On October 14 and 15, 2020, a workshop was held at the BORDA-Office to identify the sanitation needs of three communes of Bamako (Commune IV, V and VI). This workshop was presided over by the Mayor in charge of sanitation of Commune VI.

The objective of this workshop was to bring together the different actors of the sanitation sector such as the technical services and the elected officials of these communes; the technical and financial partners as well as the civil society. It also aimed to allow the Communes to express their needs and the challenges they face in the sanitation sector through the presentation of their sanitation plans.

During the workshop proposals for improvement were made by the technical and financial partners(TFP). BORDA sent the final report and also the sanitation plans of the said Communes to the TFP so that each of them could see how to support these Communes whether it is financial or technical support

Different stakeholders were brought together to discuss the current sanitation needs and strengthen the future collaboration for improvement in different communes of Bamako

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