Updates from Africa

24 June 2021

Sanitation Breakfast Seminar (Virtual & Limited participants present): The Commercialisation of Water and Sanitation Innovations

In a partly virtual breakfast seminar BORDA South Africa and expert partners tackled the topics of innovation, sustainability and transformation of the water and sanitation market.
16 April 2021

Improving the distribution of wastewater onto constructed wetlands

BORDA South Africa began the design and testing of a mechanical siphon for the distribution of wastewater onto constructed wetlands
18 February 2021

Workshops to track progress and enhance impact of project activities

A series of workshops were held to track the progress and enhance the outreach of the project
17 February 2021

Identifying the sanitation needs of three municipalities in Bamako

Different stakeholders were brought together to discuss the current sanitation needs and strengthen the future collaboration for improvement in different communes of Bamako
15 February 2021

Self-Assessment Workshop and Field Visit with Partners

Workshop and filed visits to evaluate the progress of the tranisitional aid project took place
13 February 2021

Collaboration for Food security

BORDA brought together the partners of the resilience and food security program
5 March 2021


Together with the german fundraising organisation Viva con Agua and the social business soulbottles, BORDA Zambia is paving the way for new approaches in the WASH-Sector
18 February 2021

Ateliers pour suivre les progrès et renforcer l’impact des activités du projet

Une série d’ateliers a été organisée pour suivre l’évolution du projet et en accroître la portée
17 February 2021

Identification des besoins en matière d’assainissement de trois municipalités de Bamako

Différentes parties prenantes ont été réunies pour discuter des besoins actuels en matière d’assainissement et renforcer la collaboration future pour l’amélioration dans différentes communes de Bamako
15 February 2021

Atelier d’auto-évaluation et visite sur le terrain avec les partenaires

Des ateliers et des visites sur dossier ont eu lieu pour évaluer l’état d’avancement du projet d’aide transsectorielle
13 February 2021

Collaboration pour la sécurité alimentaire

BORDA a réuni les partenaires du programme de résilience et de sécurité alimentaire
12 February 2021

New greywater treatment system for Commune VI

Together with the Communes major, BORDA provides sanitation solutions
25 January 2021

Nouveau tricycle à moteur pour le transport des eaux usées et des boues

Un nouveau tricycle à moteur pour le transport des eaux usées et des boues rendra plus vivable le cadre de vie de la population de la commune VI
9 November 2020

Safe Back to School: BORDA Zambia participates in teacher training on COVID-19 response

The training aimed to strengthen the capacity of the Zonal Guidance Teachers in implementing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions in schools and to orient them on emerging pandemic-related issues, enhancing their understanding of COVID-19 guidelines
18 August 2020

DEWATS for Dar

Realising innovative, alternative and appropriate sanitation solutions to improve access to sanitation in non-sewered areas of Dar es Salaam – decentralised wastewater treatment systems and faecal sludge management

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