Identification des besoins en matière d’assainissement de trois municipalités de Bamako
17 February 2021

Ateliers pour suivre les progrès et renforcer l’impact des activités du projet

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Workshop Economic Promotion of Sanitation

BORDA Mali organized a series of workshops in November 2020 on the economic promotion of sanitation with a focus on organic waste treatment and the benefits of appropriate approaches to decentralized recycling oriented sanitation on behalf of the "SEWOH - A World without Hunger" project.

The workshop was attended by the decentralized technical services of the State, elected officials, private sector actors (Economic interest group GIE, microfinance) and NGOs involved in sanitation.

Ideas for local projects were presented by GIE and communal sanitation platforms. As a result of the exchanges, proposals for financing processes were formulated for bankable projects".

Mid-year self-assessment workshop

In order to refocus the activities of the project "SEWOH - A World without Hunger", which is nearing completion, BORDA-Mali and its partners met for a workshop in Bamako on October 26-28, 2020.

The annual action plans and the budget situation were evaluated to effect adjustments and planning of the new activities during the final year.

Self-Assessment Workshop December 2020

The self-development workshop took place from 01 to 02 December 2020 at the BORDA Mali office, focusing on the presentation of annual balance sheets, planning by structure and review of BMZ procedures.

Present at the workshop were the NGO partners (ADAZ, RLD, HDS and BORDA-Mali staff): coordinators, accountants, monitoring &evaluation officers and supervisors of the project.

Une série d’ateliers a été organisée pour suivre l’évolution du projet et en accroître la portée

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