Trinity College Students attended workshop on BORDA’s sanitation projects and DEWATS technology
22 October 2017
Developing guidelines for decentralised wastewater treatment systems (UNEP/UN-Habitat/BORDA)
23 February 2018

3rd stakeholder workshop for UNEP/UN-Habitat project: developing guidelines and standards for decentralised wastewater management systems

On 27-28 September 2017, BORDA Africa hosted the third stakeholder workshop in a UNEP/UN-Habitat project to develop guidelines and standards for decentralised wastewater management systems and support the scaling-up of these technologies in Tanzania. Twenty-nine participants attended this two-day event, representing various government ministries and agencies, local government authorities, academic institutions, non-governmental organisations and the private sector.

During the workshop, BORDA presented the outcomes of monitoring and evaluation activities undertaken on 24 selected decentralised sanitation systems throughout Tanzania.

Additionally, the first draft of the guidelines for standardising decentralised wastewater management systems was presented to workshop participants for review and further input. Feedback and suggestions gathered during the workshop are currently being incorporated into the second draft and will be shared with all sector stakeholders for further comments prior to finalising and disseminating this document.

For more information, email Tanzania Country Director: Laura Bright-Davies ().

Hosted by BORDA Africa, diverse stakeholders considered findings from multiple DEWATS installations in Tanzania and gave feedback on the first draft of the guidelines

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